Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peanut butter and Potatoes

That is what it was like outside my house today so I figured I could treat you all to a mid-week blog post.

I scoured the internet for hours trying to find a recipe that worked with the ingredients in the cabinet. Good ol' Paula Deen offered this one up to me, with a mere 4 ingredients couldn't say no.

In order to make this somewhat lackluster recipe more blog-worthy I used white chocolate peanut butter

Then to really outdo myself I used a combination of dark chocolate peanut butter and milk chocolate to make a coating for the cookies

Here are the finished results just waiting to be eaten:

And now on to the potato portion! Making potato skins required me to scoop out potato innards, but I refused to let them go to waste so my mom and I embarked on a gnocchi adventure.

Here are the gnocchi awaiting to be boiled:

They weren't the tastiest gnocchi we have ever eaten, far too soft and fragile, so we did a little parmesan-ing in hopes that they would solidify a bit in the oven. Here is the finished product sitting on my plate:

They weren't too terrible, but we are determined to make them again with improvements.

I hope you all stayed warm and dry today!

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  1. So what did you think of the cookies? I made her recipe too, with natural jif and they were good but the texture was a bit off (I used one cup of spelnda versus 1 and 1/3 cups). I was thinking maybe 12 minutes wasn't enough time for them to cook as they were very crumbly? Also, I've been dying to try that dark chocolate peanut butter! i was thinking of making these cookies with that as the base.