Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Extravoganza

I have made it a habit of making food gifts for every holiday that rolls around. So this year I made my valentine some homemade gummy treats.

I put a few in some festive molds I received for Christmas and the rest in mini cupcake molds. I also stuck a few Sweet Tart conversation hearts in a few for good measure.

Scary clown or reindeer? You decide.

For dinner we made chicken stuffed with provolone cheese and spinach, some rice pilaf and roasted asparagus.

(Note: all this food was not for just the 2 of us)

And of course nothing spells romance like a nice cold glass of Pepsi Throwback.

The meal ended with a mango crumble in heart shaped ramekins because I am super cute like that. (I forgot the cinnamon and will never forgive myself)

The feasting continued with breakfast this morning. We whipped up some cinnamon sugar pancakes and broke-in our Disney 5-in-1 tasty baker.

It made an incredible quantity and this time this was food for just the 2 of us.

Here is a close up shot of all 6 characters. I put some chocolate chips in a few of them as an attempt at eyes.

I wish you all a tasty Valentine's Day!


  1. Do we get a review of Pepsi Throwback?

    And were these gummy treats more like gummy bears and less like jello? If they were more gummy bear like, then I need you to pass the recipe along to Ashley in time for my birthday. Yes, as you know, it's anything but around the corner but the wife needs some heads up.

  2. I only had a sip of the throwback, you'll have to ask your brother for a more detailed report.

    As for the gummies they are definitely more gummy than jello-y and the link to the recipe I used is embedded in the post above.