Friday, December 6, 2013

Egg in a Hole Pancake Style

No bread.

No English muffins.

Potatoes require too much work.

Pancakes! with an egg in the middle!

That was my thought process this morning when I wanted an egg breakfast, but really needed a carb to accompany it.


I spooned the pancake batter into a circle with a nice sized hole for the egg to fit in.


Once the egg was set it flipped perfectly with the pancake.  I used a very large spatula and it was successful. PS I did not eat that Canadian bacon, it was just for photographing purposes. Not a fan.


I buttered up the pancake a bit, but wasn't bold enough to go with the syrup.  You can decide what you'd like to do on that front.

Want something different for breakfast this weekend? Then a pancake with an egg in the middle is for you.

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