Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheez-It Chicken

When I saw this recipe from Winner Dinners it was love at first sight.  First off, Cheez-Its are amazing.  There's just no denying that.  Second of all, it requires barely any preparation and a mere 4 ingredients!

The 4 ingredients: Cheez-Its, sour cream, butter, chicken.

The sour cream is in place of where you would normally see eggs. I admit I was skeptical about this because in my mind sour cream is not a liquid, it's a solid, but it worked perfectly.

After you sour cream the chicken it gets dunked in the crushed up Cheez-Its.  Once in the pan the chicken gets drizzled with butter!
This dinner was a HUGE hit! So crispy, crunchy, easy, and best of all cheesy.  Make this for dinner tonight and I promise you your family will be eternally grateful.

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