Monday, September 3, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and Hopefully 10,000 Blog Views

I made two things this weekend that I was hoping to make into 2 separate blog postings.  Unfortunately one of these items did not live up to it's expectations.  I didn't want to have a sad post about something I felt was a failure so I'm combining it with something wonderful.

Let's begin with the bad.  I found this recipe on pinterest for Crock Pot french toast.  It seemed like a wonder.  To really take things to the next level I found this pumpkin swirl bread at the supermarket.

The recipe is simple enough.  Scramble up some eggs, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla and pour it on top of the loaf of bread.

Then I was lead to believe that I could set it and forget it for at least 6 hours.  This unfortunately was not true seeing as at 4am the french toast was already cooked and in fact a tad burnt.  Booooo. What a disappointment!

This is how it looks once cooked and scooped out of the Crock Pot.  It was tasty enough, but not something I would recommend anyone make unfortunately.

Now let's move on to the good!

There's the magical ingredient line-up right there.  I can't take much credit here for this one.  Boxed mix and tub icing?  Not a whole lot of actual baking going on here.  We did also put some espresso powder in the brownies as well.

Behold the wonder of the most delightful brownies in town!  They can instantly erase the bad taste of Crock Pot french toast!

These brownies are serious.  I want to eat the entire pan. Right now.  I just might...

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