Friday, September 21, 2012

Steak Sandwiches with the Greatest Onions of Your Life

This dinner does not revolve around a recipe or anything.  It's embarrassingly simple, but the food porn quotient is off the charts.

My main focus was caramelizing the onions as much as possible.  Below is a before photo of the onions, oil, and pepper.

Below you can see the after shot of some amazingly caramelized onions.  I cooked these babies for almost an hour and it was totally worth it.  Caramelized and crispy, exactly how I wanted them.

Here's an above shot of the sandwich.  The base: Texas toast!

And now the grand finale photo you've all been waiting for.....

Ta-da!  Let me tell you this shit was crazy good.  What made it even better was some leftover broccoli cheddar mashed potatoes.  Now what else can we make to put on some Texas toast?

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