Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bacon Jam

Do not be alarmed by the name bacon jam.  I assure you that there are not weird fruity gelatinous qualities to this jam.  Just some wonderful bacon goodness.

This was another of my crock pot wonders courtesy of Martha Stewart, recipe found here.


First you cook up the onions and the bacon in a frying pan.  The rest of the ingredients hop in when its time to slow cook it.  Don't worry, I took an unattractive photo of this murky slow cooker for you all to see.


Here is what the bacon jam looks like after it congeals in the refrigerator. 


I ate it atop an egg and cheese sandwich.


Someone else ate it atop a slice of bacon, because well...why not indulge?


I think this would also make an awesome burger or pizza topping.  Where would you jam your bacon jam?

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