Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lemon Ricotta Zucchini Galette


This recipe came from an issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  The recipe is available online, but they force you to become a member in order to view it.  Ridiculous!  Here is Smitten Kitchen's version of it.  Just use store bought pie crust and add some lemon zest and juice to mix cheese mixture and it'll be the same as mine.


Another recipe note:  I made 2 of these for my family of 4.  I used 1 zucchini for each and doubled the filling requirements.  If they think 1 will serve 4 people they've never fed a family before, at least not my family.


Above are the galettes before the oven.  Below they are post oven, nice and golden brown.


We each got a half of a galette.  Which really is not a crazy amount of food ok? So quit judging us!


This really is just a perfect light, fresh, summer meal.

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