Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Farewell Cupcakes

Now where to begin.... I got this cupcake mix as a gift.  The Contessa makes cupcake mixes! How exciting! She even let's you use your own butter and water and doesn't require you to use "really good" ingredients like she does on her show.


There was a slight disaster of some over flowing cupcakes.  She said it makes 12, but I will advise you to make more around 16 out of the batter.  I made 12 in a muffin tin and one in a ramekin, and the cupcakes were still filled too high.


Another issue I had with the mix was that there was the ridiculous amount of frosting.  I would definitely half the frosting recipe, that's how much was left over.

With all that said these are crazy delicious.  Definitely an upgrade from the usual supermarket cupcake mixes.


Would I recommend you buy the Contessa's instead?  I'm not so sure it's worth the trouble.


These are farewell cupcakes because I am moving.  The blog will carry on as usual, at least that's the plan.  Oh, and guess what?  The kitchen lighting is amazing so get fired up for some great photos soon!

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